Saturday, 22 October 2016

Don Hertzfeldt - Career Reviews of Pioneer Animators

Don Hertzfeldt is a two-time Academy Award nominated animator, artist, filmmaker and independent writer who has produced such films as "It's a Beautiful Day (2012)" and "Billy's Balloon (1998)". His art style is known for being whimsically cartoon - like and is simple yet significant and exploratory.

Although his films may first appear to convey little plot or scenarios, most of his films are known to actually convey quite elaborate and heartfelt storylines and deal with genuine real world problems which grip the heartstrings of many viewers worldwide. One film of his that portrays a complex but well written real-life scenario is "World of Tomorrow (2015)" which tells the story of a young girl named Emily who encounters a clone of herself who is contacting her from the future, and is thus pulled out of her own time. Current themes within the movie involve a sorrowful but wizened story of her genetic descendent, but as the story is convenyed through the eyes of an imaginative and carefree Emily, it adjusts the plot to be more light-hearted.

From Hertzfeldt's famous hand-drawn style, it is one of the many films that enabled a radical leap for him both as an animator and artist to have a creative breakthrough, as it enabled him to earn how to multitask with drawing and animating, along with conceptualise a plot-line that conveyed a strong use of Photoshop through the wide ranges of colours and gradient backgrounds.

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