Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Life Drawing - Using background elements to create an atmosphere

For todays life drawing class we focused on the matter of perspective and tones in order to establish a clearer idea of how to draw our cities. We also learnt how adding different light sources and tones to different objects influence their significance and structure.

Our first drawing was a 20 minute detailed sketch that involved using background elements to create an atmosphere and establish an environment-like space. I chose to not use pencil in this session due to wanting to develop my drawing skills using other materials, and due to wanting to use a more realistic colour on our life model, I used a skin toned Pro Marker pen.

Our second drawing was a 15 minute sketch, and due to wanting to draw with colour, I decided to draw with different variations of blue chalks to evaluate how blending various tones stylises my work. I also did this due to the fact that digital painting requires a lot of tone blending of the same colour, and I thought that blue would help emphasise shadow and light sources well.

Our final set of drawings were several 1 minute sketches, and we were required to use different sets of colours to determine how the aspect of colour changes the impression of the drawing - something we would need to consider when producing our digital paintings. I used a red marker pen, charcoal, pink and blue chalk and a skin tone Pro Marker pen to complete this

At the end of our lesson we looked into the work of Artist Rachel Whitehead, whose use of the same object of white cardboard boxes allowed her environment to appear to have many different kinds of shapes. It also demonstrated how the positioning of these boxes made her work stand out and appear to have a wide perspective due to the different lighting and shadows that were projected.

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  1. I like the 'blue' image - there's a real nostalgic charm to it.