Thursday, 6 October 2016

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  1. OGR 06/10/2016

    Hi Evelyn,

    I notice the comment was deleted along with the original post... Don't get into the habit of deleting comments and feedback; delete any spam you get obviously, but feedback, even if it's not 100% positive is important and valuable.

    So, before I get into this a bit more, I want you to visit another Anastasia OGR I've just completed, because I think much of what I'm saying there is pertinent to what I'm going to feedback to you - principally, trying to deal more with the city that Calvino is describing, which seems to be a classic Utopian/Dystopian set-up, with a luxurious, sensual elite being supported by 'slavery' down in the mines responsible for the city's great wealth and beauty.

    I like your mixture of media in terms of your thumbnails - though it would have been much, much better had these thumbnails appeared 'little and often' on the blog. I know you worry about 'giving things away', but give them away you must on CAA and that's pretty much the straight-down-the-line truth of it! You need to relax around the idea of showing and sharing your development - it's truly the only real way to grow quickly on a course as time-pressured and intense as this one!

    So, much of my advice to Anastasjia about 'Anastasia' was to spend a bit more time with Calvino's words and looking for clues in regards to getting to grips with the city's ethnicity, geography and culture; your influences range from Amsterdam to American camping sites, but I wonder if you can find more specific, text-related influences by which to help you identify a strong, cogent visual concept for your city (and for its other face maybe?). One way I suggested was by cross-referencing all the gemstones and seeing if there was a country, place or location that could offer some exciting visual reference, but which linked back logically and soundly to Calvino's original text? Your 'visual statement' is interesting, because in truth, it's actually rather vague and subjective - you 'think' it's colours should be this or that, but I don't understand why that should be, or how your concept links back to Calvino's words.

    So - I think you need to 'go back to Anastasia' and really dig into what Calvino is showing you and telling you and from that draw up a more specific frame of reference so you can begin to truly determine what Anastasia looks like ... and why!